Why I Love Growing Vegetables

If you follow my Instagram, you’re probably more than aware that I have been having a lot of fun growing vegetables from seed this year, and I couldn’t go through the summer without chatting about it on here! I’ve never grown anything from seed before, I didn’t know how to do it, and I was TOTALLY unaware how much joy it would bring to my life…

…no exaggeration!

I wrote a few posts last summer about making our back yard a useable space by painting the dull walls and buying plants from our local garden centre and putting them in pots to introduce some colour. We did what we could with a difficult space, and it was actually a really expensive process and it left me wondering how anyone affords to have a garden full of plants and flowers! (I knew so little about gardening, that planting from seed didn’t even come to mind).

Joff then bought me this book for my birthday all about growing vegetables in small spaces. Bless Joff, he bought the book because I love beautiful ‘coffee table’ books… you know, the ones you rarely actually read! But the thought of growing our own food in our little garden in Sheffield made me really excited, so I began sowing seeds and leaving them on the windowsill to see what would happen, and we now have over fifteen different vegetables growing inside and outside!

I know I’m far too excited about this, but honestly, it is so fun watching little seedlings pop up through the soil and watching them grow. I love coming home and spending some time outside, checking how they’re doing, making sure there are no pests, and watering them. It is so relaxing, such a good de-stressor, feels really productive and comes with lots of satisfaction. There’s something beautiful about watching life grow from tiny seeds, and benefitting from the produce. Going outside and digging up some radishes and cutting some lettuce to add to your lunch is so rewarding!

I really encourage you to give it a go! Whether it’s veggies, herbs, fruit or cut flowers. Whatever excites you most! It’s not too late in the year to get sowing, in fact, the book I mentioned above shows you how to grow vegetables all year round! Packs of seeds are under a pound, and I collect loo roll tubes and yoghurt pots to plant my seeds in to save buying loads of plastic. You will save money on your grocery shop as all the fresh produce you’ll need will be in your garden, and you don’t need much room! I use one sunny windowsill and have a small city garden with limited space. But most of all, do it because it makes you feel good. It has taken me by surprise how happy it makes me, and how good it is for your head and your heart.

April 28, 2019
June 30, 2019


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