Turning 26, Lockdown & Finding Contentment

I wasn’t going to do a ‘turning 26’ blog post, but it was the weirdest birthday I’ve ever had and I mostly want to document it so that when I come to read my blog posts in future, I remember it. It’s also been the best year, so I’d like to reflect on that too.

On Monday 23rd March I turned 26 …the same day the UK went into lockdown due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We were already social distancing so I spent the day in the garden with Rupert and next door’s cat whilst Joff worked from home upstairs. Not exactly what you’d plan for your birthday, but I actually had the most lovely relaxing day.

That evening we had the announcement that the UK was going into lock down and that we need to stay in unless absolutely necessary. At first I was gutted …I completely understood and supported the decision, but my mind turned to the next two weeks. It was the longest time Joff and I had booked off together since our wedding and we’d planned to go back to North Wales for the first time since Christmas, to cure my home sickness and beach cravings, and we had a little escape to Scotland booked too.

Things are uncertain – we aren’t sure what things look like for Joff and his work, what it’ll be like doing my lectures online or when I’ll next treat patients again, but there’s also something beautiful I want to take from all this and the time it’s given me to just stop. When do we ever just stop?

Last year when I turned 25 I wrote a post all about the expectations I felt and my ambition for contentment in my life. I was unsure of myself because at that age I thought I’d have my own house and my career would be sorted and all these things …but this year I’ve learnt to just stop comparing, stop worrying and just to accept the path I’m on and enjoy it.

I have the odd bad day – who doesn’t – but in general I absolutely love my life and I’m so grateful. I have the best relationship with all my family, I have the loveliest friends who accept me for who I am, I am training to do a job that I love and I always have a million hobbies and projects on the go *some things never change*. The time I’ve had to just stop and reflect has reminded me how far I’ve come, how lucky I am and just how happy I am, too.

If you’re striving for contentment, make changes in your life to get there, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy the moment you’re in and enjoy the journey rather than always planning ahead and thinking what could have been. Relax a little, don’t compare yourself, have a positive inner voice and appreciate the little things.





April 2, 2020
April 15, 2020


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