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I think we can all agree that deciding on the food is quite an important part of wedding planning. I don’t know about you, but I get very excited at the thought of food when I go to weddings, and it is often a big part of what people remember too!

…no pressure!

Everyone will have their own experience with this. If you’re having your wedding at a venue that does food, you’ll be able to try all of your available options and decide on a suitable menu for your guests. Having picked a barn at a camp site, we had to do everything ourselves, including finding food caterers.

Joff and I have chilled out families who are much better suited to relaxed atmospheres rather than the official sit down arrangement, so we knew early on that we wanted a big BBQ, perfect for a summer garden party. We decided on a *very* relaxed seating arrangement which involved eating your food anywhere you fancied. Some people stood and chatted to one another, others chilled on the grass, some sat on hay bales, or those who preferred eating at a table could sit on the picnic benches. This worked nicely on the day, it meant everyone could carry on their natural conversations without being split up by a seating plan. Half the fun of organising your own wedding is that you can do things how ever you want to, you don’t have to do what everyone else does.

We used a small local catering business, Ingredient-Cynhwysyn. We knew Tracey and Rebecca from working in the coffee shop (perks of the job). We met up with them a few times to discuss how we wanted the food and how we imagined the day. They were always exciting, creative meetings. I really recommend using companies that are more than happy to meet up with you throughout the whole planning process and share your vision for the day. The food wasn’t something I stressed about as I fully trusted them to do a great job at not only making amazing tasty food, but present it well and cater for any dietary requirements our guests had. It was important to me that any guests with specific dietary requirements had food just as amazing as everyone else’s.

I mean, vegan prosecco jelly with summer fruits… yessss!

We had glasses of Prosecco and little cheese canapés when our guests arrived (no one likes to be hungry) and then the BBQ which had such a variety of locally sourced foods; champagne and leek sausages, steak marinated in garlic, ginger and fresh coriander, chicken satay kebabs, halloumi and mediterranean-vegetable kebabs and field mushrooms. On the side there was homemade coleslaw, roast sweet potato, chickpea and orange salad, heirloom tomatoes, garden salad and freshly baked sourdough. There were also lots of gorgeous homemade dressings and sauces too. It was fun realising how varied a BBQ can be! For dessert, Tracey made a *beautiful* pavlova with fresh summer berries and rose petals which doubled up as our wedding cake. I wrote about that here.

Finding such amazing, creative and invested people to do our food made the planning and our day so much more relaxed and way more fun!

And the best bit… you get all the left overs for the next day, oh yeah!

Food Caterers: Ingredient-Cynhwysyn

Wedding Photography: Fresh Photography


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