Summer Dreaming

It’s been a month since my last post on here… I usually like to do one a week, but sometimes life gets in the way and it just isn’t possible. After a hard month, I’m looking forward to brighter Spring-Summer days (hoping this year’s very long winter is coming to an end) and some much needed fresh air.

Joff and I are definitely people who enjoy summer days to their maximum, and hide away during the winter months. Summer makes me excited for days and evenings spent on our local beaches, lakes and parks where we can just take a picnic, go for walks and put the hammock or slack line up. This year we have our Doggy so he can come with us and we’ll see how he gets on hanging out for hours in the same spot!

*I’m currently watching him run around the house as I write this, wondering how he’ll cope with the ‘chilling out’ element of our dreamy summer days*

Last year a lot of our summer was taken up with getting everything ready for the wedding… and then recovering. Luckily though, as it was a summer wedding I got to thoroughly enjoy having the excuse to make the barn super summery with bright coloured cushions, garden games, bubbles etc. This has given me a new love for all things summer, particularly the TK Maxx home section and garden centres which just make me want to celebrate the season (and spend lots of money on things I don’t need).

This year Joff and I would like to do up our garden. It’s a small paved yard which looks pretty uninspiring right now… but I’d love to be able to go out during nice weather and eat my tea in a more pleasant environment. We have dismantled the old shed, cleaned the patio and are in the process of choosing a paint colour for the garden walls (they are currently a dirty white wash), picking trellis climbers (again, to make the walls nicer), flower planters for colour and some vegetables, a bench and table for the evening meals I’m dreaming of having out there, some garden storage and we are going to put the outside fairy lights up which we used at our wedding to decorate the roof of the barn.

It’s fun to have a summer project, and hopefully I’ll be able to update you on how we get on. For now though, we’ll carry on dreaming for the bright and sunny days and planning how we are going to appreciate them.


March 4, 2018
April 17, 2018


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