Spring In My Step

Last weekend Joff and I stumbled across a night market only ten minutes walk from our house. It was full of independent food stalls, music, cocktails, coffee, beer, pop up shops… you name it, it was amazing! (we are loving finding these places in Sheffield!) I was there with my blueberry mojito having the best time and it dawned on me that it was 7:30pm and light. We are in spring! There are tulips popping up everywhere, blossom on the trees, day light which is actually light! I love it, it makes me so happy!

I love being able to get outside more everyday and getting some fresh spring air, whether that’s just in the garden reading a book or taking a walk on your lunch break. If you’ve seen my stories on Instagram, you’ll know that I have made a raised bed in our little city garden and sowed some seeds in an attempt to grow vegetables this year. My aim is to make a summer potato salad with radishes, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes; even if it’s just one salad… I’ll be pretty pleased! I’ve never planted from seed before, so I will be writing a post on here in the next couple of weeks about that and letting you know how it goes.

I start my course on Monday. It’s going to be full on but I will try my best to stay on top of my work and revision so that I can enjoy the nice weather. In the past when I’ve had exams and deadlines, I’ve done it all very last minute which made it intense and unpleasant. I want to be able to enjoy everything Sheffield has to offer as well as doing my exams and placements. Joff and I have booked to go to Tramlines festival in Hillsborough. Again, it’s 10 minutes away from our house and Two Door Cinema Club are playing… it would be rude not to!

Spring just gives me a new lease of life and so much to look forward to. Whether that’s big events, the thought of BBQ’s or my little seedlings popping up through the soil. I hope you feel just as excited to be heading towards summer as I am!



March 25, 2019
April 28, 2019


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