Spring Has Sprung

Okay… I didn’t want to say this too early, but I think Spring is here!

We have cleared the back yard, painted the garden walls and put the fairy lights up. We have ordered a bench, table and garden gate. I just need to go and buy some pots, a trellis, some plants and come up with an idea for my ‘vertical’ herb garden …basically I need it to take up as little floor space as possible and preferably use some of the wall which currently looks so bare.

I have never done any gardening before…

*does it count as gardening if you only have a small back yard!?*

…but I’m finding it so therapeutic. I’m excited to create an outside space which I can enjoy, and I love reading beautiful books and magazines about plants, gardens and creating beautiful spaces… even if they’re only small. I’m learning so much!

It’s teaching me to find more beauty within nature. I notice beautiful wild flowers growing, stunning trees and other peoples creativity in their garden more now that I’m learning about it myself. I even found these Spanish Bluebells whilst I was weeding out in the front of our house. Too pretty not to photograph!

I hope having a bit of colour in our back yard encourages birds and bees to also thrive. We don’t have loads of money to go many places this summer, but I’m hoping we’ll have created a space where we can spend our summer days and evenings relaxing, reading books and socialising with friends.


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