Spring Decor To Brighten Up Your Home

Wow, okay so it’s been a week since my last blog post and life is looking very different.

Seen as we will all be in our houses a lot more, I have a couple of DIY crafty, makey, bakey type posts coming up with some ideas of things you can do whilst you’re at home. I’ll also do some garden updates as usual, as this might be the perfect year to have a go at growing your own veggies!

For now though, I just wanted to show you a couple of ways I have been trying to add a bit of spring into my home to bring a little bit of sunshine and happiness in times that may feel quite anxiety inducing and tough.

I’d love to have fresh flowers everywhere, but it’s an expensive upkeep so I’ve just been buying little bunches of Daffodils or Tulips to add some colour. They are cheap and cheerful and always bloom into a wonderful display – it takes me by surprise every time as they often look so sad when I pick them up in the shop.

An alternative to fresh flowers is wooden flowers! I have a couple made by Anna Wiscombe which are beautiful, and these daffodils which made by Betsy & Els Design. They add colour and don’t die – always a win! Combine with with some fresh and fruity candles to add a lovely scent to your home.

I love putting on some bright bed sheets this time of year. It’s an easy way of adding a burst of colour into a room! This set is currently my favourite (and Rupert’s, apparently) and is from Matalan Home. Changing up your cushions on your sofas is another great way of adding a seasonal touch to your decor. H&M home have some lovely cushion covers, as do Dunelm.

Lastly, one of my favourite ways to change up my decor is to change my dish towels. I always have some good old plain ones dotted around, but I also love to hang some fun seasonal ones on my oven to add character to my kitchen. This set were from H&M – and possibly could have done with an iron *but who’s got time for that, ey*.

Be creative, swap things around, make your house feel colourful, happy and fresh …especially whilst we’re going to be inside so much more.





March 15, 2020
March 25, 2020


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