The Venue

A lot of weddings I’ve been to have been beautiful, but very contemporary and ‘clean’ looking. Everyone’s style is different and if this is the kind of thing you like…great! But for me, I’m a perfectionist, and that style would drive me NUTS as I’d spot every tiny little…

DIY || Quick & Easy Bunting

How dreamy is bunting!?
It can transform literally *anywhere* and gives the most adorable homemade, village fête feel to any venue. I knew I needed lots of it to decorate the church, barn, bell tent and other bits and bobs such as the vintage suit cases we used to put…


I’m a dreamer, I’m imaginative and I’m nostalgic.
I collect rustic treasures, hunt for cosy coffee shops, read books which have the most perfect imagery, watch films that take me to another world and listen to music which I get completely lost in.
I draw, paint and create based on my…

A Day To Match

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have had a good idea of the sort of wedding you want before you get engaged, or even find a partner. I’ve always been a dreamer, I’ve always wanted to get married and I always wanted to grow up …so needless to say…

Take A Breather

Everyone is different.
Everyone has different passions.
Everyone has different styles.
When I write this blog, I am by no means telling you what you should do for your wedding. I am just discussing my experience with the whole thing. It’s daunting, intimidating and I found myself constantly looking for blogs, books…

The Proposal

Did I know he was going to propose?
Hmm… I had an inkling!
But only because I knew Joff and I knew he wasn’t really someone who’d commit unless it was for real.
I didn’t know it would be this day though.
We love going on day trips together, and on this particularly…

Love & Marriage

I’ve always wanted to get married, but I do get the feeling it’s not really what people ‘do’ at my age. I’m meant to be travelling the world, focussing on a career, finding my feet as it were.
‘You’re in your twenties… have a bit of fun!’
But I am having…

This is Me

If it’s your first time around here then HEY!
I’m Emma and I’m a twenty-five year old dental nurse and student living in Sheffield with my husband, Joff and sheepdog, Rupert.
Originally from North Wales, we packed up our bags and moved to Sheffield early this year. As much as we…