My Garden This Year

It’s May and I haven’t done my yearly garden update! I started sowing seeds inside in March and some of them have now been planted out into the beds. It’s all starting to look alive and more vibrant already.

There was a point a few weeks ago where I felt totally overwhelmed after looking back at last years photos. It was so green and wild and I questioned how I did it (it was first year luck). It’s already looking totally different to last year and I’ve come to realise that’s part of the fun. Every year will look different.

So, my aim this year is to have more flowers and colour for the bees, alongside growing my veggies. I’m passionate about using our small spaces for pollinators who are a vital part of our ecosystem and are struggling as we lose our native wildflower meadows. It’s as easy as sprinkling wild flower seeds on even the smallest patch and just waiting to see what grows!

I’ve also sown some other flowers too. Nasturtiums have been so easy to germinate and will produce bright sunset coloured flowers.  Other flowers I’ve found more tricky – sunflowers and sweet peas didn’t work out for me, and I’m yet to see if the Cosmos take to their new pots. In general I find growing veggies a little easier and lower maintenance.

For veggies I’ve said I’ll only grow things I love to eat. Last year I grew so many courgettes and don’t even particularly enjoy them. So this year I’m attempting to grow cucumbers instead. I’ve got lettuces, radishes, potatoes, runner beans, carrots, beetroot and French beans. I’m also trying to grow strawberries! It’s the first time I’ve grown fruit and I’m sure it’ll come with its own challenges.

So far it’s going well and even if the garden stays how it is I’m happy with it after filling in some gaps with bigger bought plants. If you’ve got a sunny windowsill or a patch of dirt I encourage you to have a go at growing your own food or sprinkling some wild flower seeds. Sure, it can be frustrating if things don’t work out, but you don’t lose anything by giving it a go …and I think you’ll quite enjoy it 🙂



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