Marriage || 1 Year

Joff and I have been married for one year today!

It has gone so quick, yet and the same time so much has happened our life back when we got married seems a million years ago.

Many people told us our first year of marriage would be a challenging one, and we laughed it off and questioned what on earth would possibly make it hard. But it has been challenging. Beautifully challenging is how I’d put it. We are on our life journey together, and with that comes the typical things like sorting out our careers, finding the right house to live in, getting a car that suits the both of us etc, but also some tougher challenges. But do you know what? Getting through those tougher days with this man by my side and our new addition, Rupert the sheepdog, has been incredible and full of so much joy.

I feel increibly grateful to have the support of Joff by my side. He supports every strange and wonderful decision I make and always helps me look at the bigger, brighter picture when I get bogged down by life stuff. I’m so happy we get to live life together.

I thought I’d include this link to a video of Joff, Rupert and I in Betws Y Coed filmed by Pogim for #LiveConwy. It sums us up so well. There’s nothing we do better than a day out in the sun with a picnic in beautiful North Wales.

Video: Nidge Dyer



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  1. Rebecca lee hughes
    June 10, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    Lovely ?

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