Hen Do in the Park

I wanted to write a post about the little hen do my closest girls did for me.

It’s a day I look back on and smile.

It’s a good example of when something so simple ends up just so perfect. There’s a pressure for hen dos to be big and excessive, but just using it as an excuse to be surrounded by some of your favourite people is perfectly okay.

I wasn’t actually bothered about a hen do. There was so much to organise already with the wedding, I couldn’t afford to go away, I didn’t want a night out and I knew my sister and other friends who live away wouldn’t be able to come. Even so, my mum, three of my best friends, Joff’s mum and his two sisters organised a little surprise day out a week before the wedding. I didn’t know where we were going, but we met up and got in the car all excited…

…to then find ourselves stuck in a MASSIVE traffic jam.

All the roads in the area were blocked with drivers trying to avoid the main roads. We couldn’t go anywhere. We spent hours in the car, the day was looking like it wasn’t going to happen and I can say we were all pretty gutted and defeated by this point. They had booked a table in Chester for drinks and food with lots of other bits and bobs organised which we couldn’t get to.

I feel as though what happened after this just sums up how amazing they are.

I was quick to give up and assume we were heading home, but instead they insisted on heading straight to the train station and we got on the train to Chester. It was a beautiful summers evening, the girls went straight to M&S and raided the food section, buying the most elaborate picnic feast, which we then took to the park. We sat on the grass and had the most perfect picnic tea. We played lots of games that the girls had organised, including a ‘dress the bride’ competition where we dressed two of the girls up in toilet roll, bin bags and anything else we could find to make her look stunning (of course).

It was the most beautiful, fun evening with amazing women who I’m just so grateful for. It could have all gone wrong, but instead I don’t think it could have been any more perfect. So thankful.




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