Ahh, January.

It just feels a little funny, doesn’t it. There’s all the hype before Christmas, then there’s the being off work (at least, I hope you got some time off work, I know not everyone does) and then all of a sudden it’s all over and it’s back to reality …but with less money, two more winter months which always take me by surprise and an intimidating new year (decade) ahead of us.

I always feel very reflective during this month. I find myself looking back to this time last year and what we’ve achieved since. It’s been a big year for Joff and I with our move to Sheffield, changing jobs, starting courses etc. I’m so proud of us and how much we have embraced the move and fitted into a place where we had no links to and had never even visited before.  Rupert on the other hand …bless him, I think he misses those beautiful North Wales beaches.

I don’t tend to set goals, I don’t really like the pressure I put on myself. But I do look to the year ahead and hope for happiness and growth… as people and in our careers. They’re what we moved here for. I’d also like to take less resits (exams), keep blogging and discover more of the Peak District.

Overall I am starting this January feeling extremely grateful for the friends and family in my life, my bestie Rupert the sheepdog, and my devoted husband, Joff. If 2020 is like 2019 (minus moving our furniture half way across the country and the retakes) I’ll be very happy!

I apologise for how wordy this post is. This blog originally came about because I just love to create and write …today was a writing kind of day. I’m spending the rest of today clearing the house and enjoying the new found space after taking the Christmas decs down, before going back to work at the weekend. I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, and here’s to a very happy new year!



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