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Being generous was an important part of our wedding. Your wedding is an amazing opportunity to have all your favourite, most important people all in one place. We didn’t want them to pay for anything, and we wanted to show them how grateful we are for every single one of them. This doesn’t have to include a massive budget… we certainly didn’t have that.

For us it was just about the little things.

We didn’t want our wedding to mean people had to spend their own money.

We didn’t make a gift list. This didn’t mean we didn’t get any gifts, people are extremely generous and creative with their gifts when you don’t tell them exactly what you want. It was nice to let them do their own thing. If they don’t have the means to get you anything, wouldn’t you rather them just to be there on the day? Time is the greatest gift.

We bought all the drinks and created our own open bar. Having this didn’t mean Joff and I had to spend loads ourselves. We looked into hiring a bar, but instead opted for the cheaper alternative which was to buy loads of drinks whole sale and display them our way. This ended up being way easier to organise, and looked so much more ‘us’.

As much as we wanted an ice cream van, we couldn’t afford it without asking the guests to buy their own ice creams… I just couldn’t do that. Get a mini freezer and throw loads of ice pops from the super market in it! It’ll go down a treat.

We hoped this encouraged people to just come and spend our day together without worrying about the cost of it all.

We took the opportunity of having everyone there to remind them how loved they all are and how thankful we are that they are with us on our special day. We wrote it on the order of services, we wrote it on the signs as guests entered the farm and all around the garden party. I don’t think guests can get bored of being told how thankful we are for them, can they?

We were lucky enough to have a sunny June afternoon wedding. We made sure we had ice cold water, sun lotion and bug spray available for people to use. These little details are the sort of things people forget, but really make a difference to how comfortable they feel on the day. No one wants to get home sun burnt and covered in bug bites! We just placed them on the side next to a little sign that read ‘Be Smitten, Not Bitten’ so everyone knew they could help themselves.

As I explained in The Food post we were careful to cater for everyone’s nutritional needs. We have quite a few vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friends. It means so much to them if you can take extra care catering for these needs. Our food caterers were fab, and gave my little cousin gluten free alternatives so he could have his own bread with the BBQ. These were given to him in his own little rustic brown bags. For pudding we chose the pavlova so he could dig in with everyone else. These little things are important to people.

Lastly, give them things to go home with. Remember when you were younger and you’d leave a party with a party bag given by the birthday boy/girl. They were the best! You can be totally creative with how you go about this. We bought loads of blankets to keep people warm and gave quite a few of these away at the end of the night. We encouraged people to take drinks home with them. We gave everyone paper bags of sweets and a pot of locally made jam too.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing things. I just encourage you to be as generous as you can. It doesn’t need to cost loads of money. People might not even notice! But it feels good to have that as your focus throughout the wedding planning process. It keeps you grounded and reminds you what is really important. Remember, everyone is there on that day for you. To love and support you on your journey.

Wedding Photograpgy: Fresh Photography

May 1, 2018
May 13, 2018



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    May 14, 2018

    Your wedding was truly personal and very very creative. One of the prettiest weddings I have been to ?
    Your ethos came across just beautifully and everybody had a great time. It was a total joy to be there!

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      May 17, 2018

      Aw, thank you so much! I’m really pleased it all came across and you enjoyed it! I’m just craving that sunny weather right now! You also helped to make it perfect… thank you ☺️?

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