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I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the best record at keeping house plants alive.

This is the first year I’ve planted any plants outside and I’ve loved it and they seem to be thriving! House plants however, seem to be a completely different ball game. I think it is just so much harder ensuring they have the correct environment, but I do love having them around my home and bringing a little bit of the outside, inside.

My love and struggle with house plants have led me to be a little bit more savvy with the plants I buy (basically, the easier the better). I wanted to share how I incorporate them into my home without them causing too much hassle, with the focus being on my wonderful discovery of air plants! *yes…they just need air!!* They don’t need any soil as they are originally found growing on rocks and trees. They just need a spritz of water every week and a soak for a couple of hours every few weeks, ensuring they fully dry out afterwards to avoid rot. You can buy air plants online. There are beautiful web sites which sell them with all sorts of stunning ways to display them, such as Monti for example, but you can buy air plants on Amazon too.

They look beautiful in glass cases like the terrariums I have in these photographs, and you can get stunning rustic ones from Nkuku, but to save money you can use a jar or a even a fish bowl if you want a bigger display.

What’s fun about having your clear terrarium is that you can layer different coloured stones, rocks, moss and soil (if you prefer to use a cactus or succulent in your display). You can buy stones from the fish section of pet shops… they have a great selection of textures and colours for not too much money. An air plant can be placed on any dry surface, so these stones or pieces of charcoal are perfect.

I’m quite minamilist when it comes to interiors, so I love the look of the black charcoal or rocks against the bright white, but you can play around with your layers and see what you like best. It can cost as little or as much as you want, you can design it how ever you like, it is easy to look after and looks lovely in your home.


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