DIY || Propagating String of Hearts

House plants are a must in my home. A bit of greenery brings the outside in and makes my home feel fresh and full of life (when they survive, that is!)

I do find it an expensive hobby though… especially when they all decide to die at the same time! So when I learnt how to propagate my String of Hearts – one of my favourite trailing house plants – I thought I’d share it on here. It’s a good way of either spreading them around your home free of any cost, or to add to your original plant to thicken it up when it starts to look a little thin and tatty.

I’d never taken any plant cuttings before and hadn’t realised how easy it is! I’m looking forward to trying it with other plants too!

  1. Find an off shoot from your original string of hearts plant. Cut this off just above a set of leaves.
  2. Remove leaves that would otherwise be submerged, as they will go mouldy.
  3. Place the vines in water and in a couple of weeks you’ll see roots starting to grow from where the leaves were. Let them get a couple of cm long before potting up.
  4. Hollow out little holes in your soil and place the cuttings. Fill the hole and tamp lightly. I use regular compost, but if you tend to over water I’d use cactus soil instead.
  5. You may find the leaves left on the cuttings dry out at first, but bare with it and you’ll see them start to grow and new off shoots develop.

Top Tip!
Use a pot with a hole at the bottom, place a dish underneath and water your String of Hearts from the dish to avoid root rot. Mist leaves with water weekly.

September 19, 2019


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