Our Back Yard

I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts recently that Joff and I planned to improve our tiny back yard so that we could use it to its full potential. Read those posts here and here. We rent so are a bit more limited to what we can do with the space, but with a limited budget and lots of ideas, I’m really pleased with how it looks now!

It was so uninspiring when we first moved in. I didn’t even think I’d ever want to sit out there with a coffee and a book. It had dirty walls, an old shed and paving stones with moss growing over them.

We started by dismantling the shed and freshening up the walls. We painted these a chalky white to brighten the area and hopefully create the feeling of more space. This made such a difference straight away!

We then jet washed the paving stones, hung up the fairy lights we had left over from our wedding and bought some pots and plants to add some life.

I’ve never done any gardening before (other than a few house plants) so this was a new experience for me! I’ve found such a love for it. I love sitting surrounded by grass and trees, so bringing some greenery into our back yard makes it so much more vibrant!

We then went on to get ourselves a new wooden garden gate which looked so much better than the rusty metal gate that was previously there. We got a local joiner to make us a garden bench and coffee table …this worked out much better quality for our budget than what we could have bought elsewhere, and we love how they’ve turned out!

The little lanterns and cushions that make the outside space more like an outside lounge were all left over from our wedding. If you are having an outside wedding yourself, I really recommend buying products you love and can continue to use after your wedding day. It’s saved us buying these items again and really adds something nice to the tiny yard.

It’s not finished yet. I still have bits and bobs I want to do …but it’s so much better than it was! It’s a space where we can sit out and have a morning coffee, or chill in the evenings with the fire pit. Previously it was an unused wasted space and I’m so chuffed we have got it looking so much nicer.





June 10, 2018
July 8, 2018


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