DIY II Clay Garden Markers

I’ve started sowing lots of seeds in the hope of having a garden full of herbs, veggies and flowers this summer. I know gardening has a reputation for being a bit dull but growing from seed really isn’t. Grow something that excites you and watch it pop up through the soil – it’s good for the soul. You just need a sunny windowsill – you don’t need lots of land.

I usually use wooden lollypop sticks to label my plants, which works well but they do end up disintegrating in the soil. For my herb pots I wanted something a little prettier and that’ll last, so I made these clay garden markers.

I bought a tiny amount of white oven clay from Amazon for a couple of pounds and it was enough to make five markers. They do the clay in lovely pastel shades too!

I rolled the clay into five sausage shapes and then flattened them with a rolling pin and shaped them with a knife. I used alphabet stamps to write the names of my plants, but you could always do this after they’ve been baked with nice coloured sharpies. Place them on baking paper on an oven tray and bake according to the instructions of your clay.

After the markers had cooled, I ‘glazed’ them using nail varnish. Random, I know, but I didn’t want to spend the time and money making a proper glaze and this actually works really well! I filled in the writing with a coral coloured nail varnish using the end of a bobby pin (a tiny paint brush or nail art set would probably work better, but we are in isolation so I just worked with that I had in the house). I then covered them with a clear varnish which gave them a lovely glossy finish.

They came out better than I thought they would, so I wanted to share this DIY with you in case you’re looking for a little project and want to personalise your pots, or know someone who would appreciate them as a gift 🙂


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