Christmas Around My Home

We don’t have loads of Christmas decorations. I think they’re they sort of thing you accumulate over the years, so I buy the odd piece each year to add to what we already have. There are easy and effective ways of bringing the festivities into your home, which doesn’t involve buying tonnes of items you then need to try and store for the rest of the year!

At this time of year there are candles everywhere around our home. I’ve been really enjoying candle sticks this year. They add a touch of sophistication, and the warm light oozes Christmas. We also have a couple of items which are out all year but double up as Christmas décor. The table runner was from Wilko and seems to look great in the summer and winter months and we have quite a few hanging stars around the place, so I just attached a bit of foliage to this one to make it look a little more festive!

Fairy lights – everywhere! Get battery powered ones and put them anywhere you can. I love the warm ones, it just makes the house feel twinkly and cosy. The garland on the fireplace is just made up of little wooden decs tied onto some twine, and the artificial Eucalyptus is there all year – I just add some berries and pine cones to make it look a little more wintery. You can get some lovely fresh Christmas foliage from supermarkets too! Add lots of blankets and festive cushions to make your lounge super cosy – my Mum made this cushion, isn’t it so lovely!

In the kitchen I add some festive tea towels – they make me very happy! Tk Maxx has a great selection. The little wooden star leans up behind the hob, and my wreath which I talked about in my previous post hangs proudly on the dining room wall.

Our tree! Can I call it a tree?! It’s a bit like marmite, people love or hate it. Don’t get me wrong, one day I’d love a big beautiful real tree which I will cover in decorations, but we have limited space so we’ve found our pallet tree has served us well over the last three years. We decorate it with fairy lights, ribbon and timeless decorations from Nkuku made from recycled glass and eco friendly products (a shop you should defo check out!) – although that star in the middle is one of my salt dough stars, I’ll link the post here if you want to have a go making them!

I hope this encourages you to make your home festive with simplicity, things you already have, things that are cheap and easy to come by with maximum impact, or are handmade. Happy decorating!


December 8, 2019


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