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Why I Love Growing Vegetables

If you follow my Instagram, you’re probably more than aware that I have been having a lot of fun growing vegetables from seed this year, and I couldn’t go through the summer without chatting about it on here! I’ve never grown anything from seed before, I didn’t know how…

Spring In My Step

Last weekend Joff and I stumbled across a night market only ten minutes walk from our house. It was full of independent food stalls, music, cocktails, coffee, beer, pop up shops… you name it, it was amazing! (we are loving finding these places in Sheffield!) I was there with…

Our Back Yard

I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts recently that Joff and I planned to improve our tiny back yard so that we could use it to its full potential. Read those posts here and here. We rent so are a bit more limited to what we can do with…

Spring Has Sprung

Okay… I didn’t want to say this too early, but I think Spring is here!
We have cleared the back yard, painted the garden walls and put the fairy lights up. We have ordered a bench, table and garden gate. I just need to go and buy some pots, a…

Summer Dreaming

It’s been a month since my last post on here… I usually like to do one a week, but sometimes life gets in the way and it just isn’t possible. After a hard month, I’m looking forward to brighter Spring-Summer days (hoping this year’s very long winter is coming…

Summer Evenings

The sun is going down, the tide is going out, the beach is empty.
It’s 8pm on a summers evening.
Family times like these make my heart so happy. We are snuggled together by the fireside. We are laughing, chatting, reminiscing… catching up with one another’s lives.
Cooking chilli, toasting marshmallows, sharing gifts.
I never…