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Defining Success

I find every October – November time is a bit of a ‘stop and think’ season for me.

It’s dark morning and night and there’s more of an atmosphere for thought. I can be driving along in my car with my music on and rain pounding down on my windscreen,…

Meet Rupert

Meet Rupert.
He’s a nine week old Welsh sheepdog.
He’s lovely.
Don’t get me wrong… he’s hard work! Puppies really are energetic and full of life.
Keeping him away from anything he can chew and getting him house trained is full on. But he has his down times too. He naps, he sleeps…


I’ve been on city breaks to London loads of times. I go because I want to discover independent coffee shops, I want to explore the museums and art galleries, I want to search out secret bars and places to eat. It’s so different to Wales, there’s so much variety…

Summer Evenings

The sun is going down, the tide is going out, the beach is empty.
It’s 8pm on a summers evening.
Family times like these make my heart so happy. We are snuggled together by the fireside. We are laughing, chatting, reminiscing… catching up with one another’s lives.
Cooking chilli, toasting marshmallows, sharing gifts.
I never…

Empty Seats

I think it’s important to talk about those little moments that hit you unexpectedly. Those ones that remind you of what or who you don’t have anymore.
It’s not being negative, it’s being honest and real.
Unexpectedly I found writing our guest list really, really tough.

There aren’t many moments you sit…

The Proposal

Did I know he was going to propose?
Hmm… I had an inkling!
But only because I knew Joff and I knew he wasn’t really someone who’d commit unless it was for real.
I didn’t know it would be this day though.
We love going on day trips together, and on this particularly…

Love & Marriage

I’ve always wanted to get married, but I do get the feeling it’s not really what people ‘do’ at my age. I’m meant to be travelling the world, focussing on a career, finding my feet as it were.
‘You’re in your twenties… have a bit of fun!’
But I am having…

This is Me

If it’s your first time around here then HEY!
I’m Emma and I’m a twenty-five year old dental nurse and student living in Sheffield with my husband, Joff and sheepdog, Rupert.
Originally from North Wales, we packed up our bags and moved to Sheffield early this year. As much as we…