Adding Simplicity

The whole point of this blog is to encourage everyone to be creative, but having a creative mind can feel a bit much at times – I have so many ideas racing around my head that I start to feel overwhelmed with how I’m going to do find the time to do them all, as well as my course and working etc.

I had to stop and ask myself why I’m putting pressure on myself all the time. I make sure my social media is a healthy place – following creatives who inspire me and people who add positivity into my daily life – but even still, I was constantly being fed beautiful content and I felt as though I should be making and producing all the time too! Even though everything I do is for enjoyment and nothing is monetised, I caught myself getting into a trap of putting pressure on myself.

I decided to stop. I recently had two weeks of reduced screen time – no blog writing, no scrolling and from it I rediscovered the reason I love producing visual content in the first place. During those two weeks I picked up my paintbrush and remembered how much I love watercolours (my Grandad taught me to paint when I was very young, it’s where my love for art started), and I started lino print making. As much as digital creativity is super fun, there’s something so special about producing art with your bare hands, it’s extremely healing and relaxing.

Whatever makes you feel overwhelmed, try and take a step back and see if you can simplify your situation. Strip it all back and remove anything that may be adding stress, even for a short period of time. Be careful what you expose yourself to everyday on your social media and I encourage you to reduce your screen time every now and again and see what happens!



January 27, 2020
February 24, 2020


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