A Spring Clean

It’s no secret that I’m very excited for lighter evenings and some warm weather, but March is actually way more chilly and wet than I always expect it to be… although you do get the sense that the sun is fighting through those clouds. So whilst I wait for those sunny days I go all traditional and do a proper Spring clean. I’m not just meaning around my house (although that is included!) but in all aspects of my life.

Eighteen months ago I wrote a blog post all about creating space in my life, and ended it with this:

Create space in your life to live. Don’t live with the aim of creating space.

Creating Space is all about having the head space and actual time to do the things which keep your body and mind happy and healthy – whether that’s eating well, exercising, travelling, seeing friends, creating art, walking in the countryside or visiting family. Spring is the perfect time to take a step back and change a couple of things which enable you do prioritise your well-being.

I’ve dropped my Saturday cafe job so Joff and I can spend more time together and in North Wales with family. I’ve reduced the amount of people I follow on Instagram and made my online community smaller ensuring it only has a positive influence on my day. I’ve gone through every room in my house and cleared out the clutter that has accumulated over the winter months – my house feels light and airy without all the visual noise which distracted me from feeling creative and relaxed.

Whether you make some time to cook a healthy dinner a couple of times a week or bake some breakfast bars ready to take with you to work, pick up that hobby you love but never make time for or go for the run you’ve been putting off …use this time to have a general Spring clean in your life and create some space.




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