5 Things I’ve Learnt During Lockdown

I just can’t even get over what the past two months have been like – I’ll look back to this time and just be like ‘what was that!?’

Joff and I are extremely lucky… we are together during lockdown, we live in a cute terraced house just over a mile away from Sheffield city centre. We have a little garden to sit in and a dog to keep us entertained. That being said, it’s still a long time to be in the house together with neither of us working, 100 miles from our families with not a lot to do so I defo feel as though I’ve learnt some valuable things from this experience!

It’s normal to have a good day followed by a bad day

I feel as though I’ve been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster throughout lockdown. I seem to have really positive days which I genuinely enjoy, to having very long days of feeling restless, homesick and a bit anxious. This is to be expected, and a lot of the following points are things I’ve learnt from these up and down days.

Social media breaks are a must

Normally there’s so much going on in day to day life that popping onto social media is absolutely fine and enjoyable. I try and keep it as healthy as possible, following content that makes me feel positive, but during lockdown my screen time increased. This, mixed with those rollercoaster emotions I mentioned meant social media became a trigger to me feeling quite low. This could just be from seeing photos of North Wales looking absolutely beautiful, or people isolating with their families. Having hours in the day where I put my phone away and days where I deleted all the apps off my phone were definitely good decisions which have helped me massively.

Long walks and midday baths make everything better

I used to walk to and from the dental hospital two to four times a day depending on whether I needed to go home at lunch to let the doggy out. I actually loved these walks. I would put my headphones in and listen to my music far too loudly. I really missed them when clinic stopped, so I still find it helpful to do this walk. And even if it’s not a walk you fancy, just sitting outside with a cuppa for a few minutes (even on wetter colder days) to get some fresh air really helps. Other days a midday bath has been the best thing for reducing any anxious thoughts and just resetting the day.

Weird dreams are normal

Maaan did my dreams get weird when we went into lockdown – so vivid! I put it down to my brain not being stimulated as much and therefore not as tired, which is understandable really, and it seems I’m not the only one. An aroma diffuser was kindly bought for us and it has really helped. My favourite oil combo is lemongrass and eucalyptus!

It’s okay not to feel creative

This blog is all about encouraging you to be creative, but this is me saying nope, I ain’t feeling it at the mo either! To be inspired I need to see things and do things. We are all spending so much time indoors so it’s not surprising the ideas and motivation to create is running dry. When I’m busy I am always dreaming of more time to create and make things, but now it’s here and I’ve done several weeks of painting and crafting, I’m kind of done with it for a little while. You can’t force these things.

These are the five things I have learnt during lockdown. If any of you relate please let me know so it’s not just me, haha! Stay safe and look after yourselves.

May 22, 2020


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