2 Years of Rupert

I found the puppy stage of having a dog really challenging. They are too busy exploring and running around for cuddles, their sharp little baby teeth catch on all your clothes and chew through your favourite items of furniture, and you have to repeat your training over and over as they forget it within a few hours.

I remember being told by a customer in the coffee shop I worked in at the time that sheep dogs start to chill out at 2 years old, and it just seemed like forever away! BUT …we are here. Rupert turned 2 last weekend and the customer was right, I love this age! He’s still got the life in him of a young dog, but he mostly just loves to dose his way through the day, getting up for cuddles, food and walks. He’s so much easier and I just love having him around.

He’s got a dippy little character, he does silly things that just makes Joff and I laugh so much. He will do anything for cuddles and physical affection …he does his best at being as close as he possibly can to Joff and I (he normally tries to sit right in between us) and follows us around the house, but when he’s tired he normally excuses himself and finds a quiet little corner of the house (a different place everyday) to curl into a little ball and sleep. We have to constantly keep up the training to stop him pulling on the lead – it’s very annoying. But overall if he’s going to have a fault it’s not the worst.

I always say this, but I really didn’t think I’d ever be a dog person, but I am now. I can’t imagine not having one. I love my daily cuddles and he really does bring so much joy to mine and Joff’s life. Yay for the Rupert!


September 29, 2019


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